My practice is rooted in observation. The ability to see the familiar in unfamiliar ways is where I find inspiration, and where I create meaning.

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Antonio Tadrissi is a true multi-hyphenate: Architect, sculptor, designer, tastemaker and entrepreneur paint only the broadest strokes of his award-winning creative practice. He began life as a scientist, pursuing studies in molecular biology, and then biomedical engineering before realizing his calling lay in building worlds, not dissecting them.

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Tadrissi’s practice always begins as a conversation between designer and client, past and future, concept and environment. As creative collaborators, we believe good design is created intersubjectively. Far from operating within set disciplines of adhering to stylistic paradigms, each project is shaped by human experience, and executed with deep industry expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

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Antonio Tadrissi
Founder & CEO

We have the expertise to bring your vision to life – no matter the scale.

Creative Direction
Architecture Design
Industrial Design
Interior Design
Design Consultation
Creative Incubation
Public Art


Award Title International Property Awards
Year 2012-2013
Award Title Canadian Property Awards
Interior Design
Year 2014-2015
Award Title Carribean Property Awards
Year 2015-2016
Award Title IDA Design Awards
Honorable Mention / Architecture
Year 2017

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